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Our Services

A successful design begins with understanding your vision and imagining what is possible on your property. 

Every project is an opportunity for us to improve the condition of our collective landscape, which is why we take our job seriously and design projects with regeneration and ecosystem stability in mind.  We bring a holistic, creative and efficient approach to landscape design which focuses on your vision and lifestyle,  soil health, plant health, and overall ecosystem health. 

LandscaPe Design


Our Design Process

Our design process begins with a site visit where we explore the potentiality of your property.  We then create a base map that outlines the flow and framework of your property that continues to grow more detailed throughout the design process.  Some common elements we  include in our designs are: pergolas, fire pits, seating areas,  practically scaled food production, water features, outdoor kitchens, shade structures, orchards, and pools.


Your plans will contain all the elements on site and their relative placements, plants, irrigation hydrozones, and materials.  We offer realistic renderings that bring your project to life so you can see it and experience it. Ask us about our 3D renderings!


Who we work with 

We have partnered with non profits, schools, business enterprises, community efforts and home owners to create inspiring landscapes, food systems, and site designs. We work on projects of all sizes, tell us about yours!


The Benefits of Working With Us

Our knowledge ensures your project is completed in a holistic, professional and timely manner. We work with trusted contractors and craftspeople. Our connections and expertise shines when working with people, soil, plants, and ecosystem health.   We provide project clarity from start to finish,  timeliness, quality control, savings, and happy plants and customers.  Our years of experience can save you time, money, and frustration.


Healthy plants and healthy soil matter. We source plants that will work for the many different micro climates found on your property. 


We group plants together in hydrozones based on MWELO compliance for irrigation needs and aesthetic function. We source plants carefully, knowing what nurseries have best practices and the most robust plants.  We take the time to research plants and carefully amend soil based on the chosen plant palette.   We assess drainage, irrigation, and any other challenges on site to ensure plant longevity.


We offer scheduled check-ins after initial install and maintenance plans to make sure your new garden glows while it grows in.


"We were so fortunate to have found Harvest Design Collective to design and install our beautiful environment.  We started in our massively overgrown back yard where invasive roots had destroyed the patio, disrupted our lawn area and were slowly choking our orange trees and flowerbeds.  Sara and Andrew listened to what we desired for our backyard space and created a lovely functional area blending a native palette of flowering plants, drought friendly lawn, a mini-orchard, raised gardening beds and comfortable pergola and patio to anchor and enjoy our outdoor living space.  Our entire back yard is useable and enjoyable again, the fruit trees are thriving and butterflies, honeybees and hummingbirds abound in our space.  Harvest Design Collective are terrific people with wonderful flexible ideas and are a joy to work with to create the perfect space."


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