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​​We Are

nature lovers who found a passion in landscape design. Co-Founders, Sara and Andrew have 10 years of experience working with the land, planning and implementing small and large scale projects, as well as offering education centered around food system design. Sara holds a Masters in Education & Human Development from the University of Colorado in Denver and focused her studies on regenerative agriculture alongside farming and teaching.  Andrew graduated from Colorado College with a degree in Geology and has extensive experience in the worlds of mapping and woodworking.

Designers, Horticulturists, Craftspeople and Educators

Our team consists of passionate and dedicated designers, local contractors, and talented craftspeople making each project an opportunity for creativity and collaboration, bringing you a custom end product which you will enjoy for years to come

We Offer

master planning, design, and project management services for projects of all sizes.  We have over a decade of experience in our field and specialize in regenerative design. We're based in Southern California, and our services are available nationally and iternationally. We are excited to help you realize and implement your vision.


" Harvest Design Collective is extremely creative, communicative, and fun to work with.  They transformed my backyard into a food forest, abundant with rare fruits and vegetables from all over the world.  I can walk through at any time during the year and forage.  Their plantings encouraged pollinators and bird life to come back to this area that was once desolate and void of plant life. They integrate beauty, sustainability and abundance in their work.  I am thrilled with the sanctuary they created!"



Our Approach

is rooted in a deep respect and understanding for nature.  We have strong foundations as permaculture designers, landscapers, farmers and educators.  We listen to your specific needs and goals, working creatively and effectively to meet them.


We Practice

regenerative design, which emphasizes care of the earth, animals and people interacting with these spaces. We educate you along the way so that our knowledge can be passed on.  We believe in intergenerational land stewardship.


"From September 2019 to April 2021 we had the unique opportunity and pleasure of having Sara and her Harvest Design team, create a bespoke garden for us. Not only was Sara and her team tremendously knowledgeable about what would and would not grow in our particular backyard but she had the vision and the resources to work with us to create something that fit us like a glove. 


Sara was full of energy and advice,and really loves what she does.Sara was able to create something unique and personal. Sara used her knowledge of plants, color schemes and the actual ability to create infrastructure for these plants to grow and prosper. Sara was patient. She listened to us and worked cooperatively to create not just another a cookie-cutter design. It gives us daily pleasure to watch things change and grow in our new garden. 


To see how the original and on-going drawings and the computerized fly-through of the garden evolved was not only fascinating but became exactly what she had drawn. Sara has resources for sourcing plants and trees and knows exactly what each plant or tree needs to grow well in the garden. There is not one thing I would change in our relationship with Sara and her team. They were professional, knowledgeable and we are very lucky to have been her client. She respected our wishes and did not overpower us with preconceived ideas. Sara is a hands-on designer builder and took pride in the work she performed. We hope she will not be too busy in the future when we ask her to redo our front yard and atrium."

Mark & Wendy Dorfman

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