We Are

nature lovers who found a passion in food systems design. Co-Founders, Sara and Andrew have years of experience working with the land, planning and implementing small and large scale projects, as well as offering education centered around food system design. Sara holds a Masters in Education & Human Development from the University of Colorado in Denver and focused her studies on regenerative agriculture alongside farming and teaching.  Andrew graduated from Colorado College with a degree in Geology and has extensive experience in the worlds of mapping and woodworking.  


 Our Goal

is to create dynamic landscapes that bring joy, inspire play and connection, and bring you closer to nature. We aim to vision and create outdoor spaces that are both regenerative, dynamic, and aesthetic. 

Our Approach 

is rooted in a deep respect and understanding for nature.  We have strong foundations as permaculture designers, landscapers, farmers and educators.  We listen to your specific needs and goals, working creatively and effectively to meet them.

We Practice 

regenerative design, which emphasizes care of the earth, animals and people interacting with these spaces. We educate you along the way so that our knowledge can be passed on.  We believe in intergenerational land stewardship.