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We are a landscape design studio focused on creating ecological santuary through regenerative design.

We transform land into functionally beautiful spaces that invite connection with and protection of nature.  Our team of designers, horticulturists, and craftspeople will help you hone in on your vision and create the landscape of your dreams. 


Our master planning, design, and project management services are meant to support intentional design, thriving living systems, and dynamic and usable spaces tailored to your specific lifestyle and site.  Our specialties include the inclusion of california natives, food production, and ecological habitat into your customized plan.  With years of experience designing custom outdoor living spaces,  homesteads and orchards, and ornamental gardens of all sizes we bring our  expertise to each project to make it truly unique.  We look forward to co-creating a productive and beautiful landscape which inspires tranquility, enjoyment of place, and abundance with you.

Sara is extremely creative, communicative, and fun to work with.  She transformed my backyard into a food forest, abundant with rare fruits and vegetables from all over the world.  I can walk through at any time during the year and forage.  Her plantings encouraged pollinators and bird life to come back to this area that was once desolate and void of plant life. Her team integrates beauty, sustainability and abundance in their work.  I am thrilled with the sanctuary they created!

Harvest Design Collective engaged our team at Porvenir Design to co-lead the creation of an implementation plan for a large scale development and farm in northern Nicaragua. During this process we came to trust in Sara and Andrew as communicators who could navigate a complex multi-stakeholder environment, as thoughtful designers who were able to give and receive feedback easily, and as diligent workers who kept the project and teams on track.

Sara gave our backyard the love and attention it deserved and it looks more lush and inviting than it ever has.  We really appreciated her great attention to the overall soil health.  Harvest Design was thorough, professional, and wonderful to be around, I would recommend them to anyone looking to revitalize or transform an outdoor space!

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