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Landscape Design

A successful design begins with understanding your projects values and vision and imagining what is possible.


We produce to scale base maps and 3D Renderings to bring your vision to life. 


We have partnered with non profits, schools, business enterprises, community efforts and with home owners to create inspiring landscapes, food systems, and site designs.  


We work on projects of all sizes, tell us about yours!


Project Managment

We offer Project Management services which includes the management and oversight of the implementation process; ensuring quality, longevity, and efficiency .


We work with trusted contractors and craftspeople.


Our collaborative approach to management and install is wholistic, creative, and efficient;

completing projects within budget and timeline restrictions.


Custom Garden Accents


We design our gardens around growing food and our custom raised beds are a staple in our landscapes.  We love hearing back from clients how easy it is to grow food when soil, water, and fertility is controlled in this environment.  

We partner with organizations to build and teach woodworking skills.  Contact us to learn more about this service.



Planting & Sourcing

We source plants carefully, knowing what nurseries have best practices and the healthiest plants.  We take the time to carefully ammend soil based on the plant pallette.  We assess irrigation, and any microclimates on site to ensure planting success.


We also offer scheduled site visits, maintenance plans and ongoing check ins to make sure your new garden glows while it grows in.

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